Checklist – Security

 Are fences/walls in a good state of repair?

 Are locks operating properly?

 Are lock up procedures understood and followed?

 Is any intruder alarm well maintained and operating properly?

 Are all trees and shrubs well clear of buildings and give no opportunity for concealment?

 Confirmed no easy roof access?

 Is membership of a local neighbourhood watch scheme maintained? Do neighbours have contact phone numbers that they can call 24/7?

 Is security lighting maintained and operating properly?

 Confirmed no dark spots in the security lighting system?

 Are all window closure systems working properly?

 Are curtains drawn across low level windows at closure each day?

 Are stained glass windows covered with a shatterproof material to prevent damage?

 Confirm no keys left or hidden on premises overnight? (No keys should be left).

 Is there an up to date key register?

 Checked locks and security of all outbuildings?

 Are all valuable items locked away or removed overnight?

 Confirmed that no money is left in premises overnight? (No money should be left).

 Are all valuable items locked away or removed overnight?

 Are ladders stored indoors or otherwise protected from the elements?

 All rubbish bins secured safely away from buildings (or secured inside the building when unoccupied)

 Develop a security team.

 Have unoccupied/ unused buildings been notified to the insurers. Unless regular supervision is in place any unoccupied/ unused building should be insured only for demolition cover (this is all that is likely to be paid out in the event of a claim).

Building security


List any defects, who will fix them, and the time for completion.

Please understand that this checklist is intended as a guide only and should not be used in any other context, or as a replacement for tailored advice.