Insurance Administrators – FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions

1. How is a claim made?

For all claims, go to the AIB website and select the tab called ‘make a claim’ and follow the instructions.

2. Documents

Generic policy’s and other documents can be found on the right hand side of each products web page – login required.

3. Renewals

For all renewals you will need to update the disclosure made in the previous year. This includes updating the values of all assets and motor vehicles and for liability, notifying the insurers of any changes to business activities during the year.

Where property trusts require full insurance, the insurers recommend that all properties that are valued in excess of $2m should have a valuation completed every two years.

This is also an opportunity to notify the insurer of any claims that that have occurred during the year that have yet to be notified.

Renewal dates are; Material Damage and Business Interruption – 1 January, Motor Vehicle and Liability – 1 April

4. Changes in insurance occurring during the year

Changes to assets, occurring during the policy year, should be advised to AIB. Changes to material damage business interruption insurance are invoiced as they occur and for motor vehicle and liability the changes are made at each renewal.

5. Risk Management Checklists

These are located in the public access area of the AIB website  – Risk Management Checklists

6. Website Navigation

Hopefully this is intuitive. Quick guide.