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The Anglican Insurance Board (AIB) is a membership based organisation established to arrange insurance to provide for the protection of all Anglican related mission activities.

In the purchasing of favourable insurance terms and conditions that commonly cannot be purchased otherwise, we utilise the strength and values of the mission.

Our policies reflect the variety of assets we provide insurance for (including churches, schools, social services, taonga, vicarages) as well as the type of activities undertaken by members.

Find out more about AIB Trustees and our Patron.

Services provided by AIB

  • Facilitating arrangements for the pooling of risk.
  • Facilitating co-operative insurance schemes for the Church and its constituent bodies
  • Providing education services relating to insurance.
  • Please note that AIB is not a broker.

Please see our summary of our insurance products.

You can find out more about becoming a member by contacting us.

Other Benefits

In addition to insurance benefits, a number of discounts and special offers have been arranged for members.

You can also find some more information about how the Christian Churches in New Zealand co-operate in key financial and management matters.


Insurance Policies

Policy information for Members:

Material Damage

Motor Vehicle


Business Travel






Information for members regarding how to make Material Damage, Motor Vehicle and Liability.

If you are involved in an accident, visit the Make a Claim tab for information on what to do.

News and Member Notices


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