Insurance for Schools

SchoolsSchools aligned to the Anglican Church are entitled to participate in insurance programmes facilitated by AIB – about us.

These programmes have been sourced on behalf of AIB using the leverage of the Anglican Churches substantial asset base. In addition to this leverage, AIB participates in an inter denominational insurance buying group called AllChurches Insurance Bureau. This relationship increases purchasing power, provides further economies of scale and enables information sharing about insurance provision and services.

What are the benefits to schools?:

  • Concordia Underwriting Agency has undertaken a worldwide search for asset and business interruption insurance benefits that are difficult to purchase outside of a collective arrangement.
  • The scale of the AllChurches programme has been beneficial in securing significant premium discounts and diversifying risk.
  • Your school does not have to develop and pay solely for the resources required to understand insurance.
  • AIB’s activities are for the benefit of members (there is no share holder).
  • Schools can also purchase comprehensive liability, motor vehicle and travel insurance.

Contact us for a quote or if you have any questions.

The following schools currently participate in the AIB programme:

  • Chilton St James
  • Craighead School
  • Hereworth School
  • Hukarere School for Girls
  • Huntley School
  • Hutt International Boys’ School
  • King’s College
  • Nga Tawa Diocesan School
  • Samuel Marsden Collegiate
  • Selwyn University College
  • St Hilda’s Collegiate
  • St Mark’s Church School
  • St Matthew’s Primary School Hastings
  • St Mary’s Diocesan School
  • Te Aute College
  • Trinity Schools (Hadlow, Rathkele College, St Matthews College)
  • Wanganui Collegiate
  • Wellesley School