Checklist – Site Condition

 Does the site have boundary fences/walls in good condition?

 Are the grounds maintained and tidy?

 Confirmed no personal hazards that need to be fixed?

 Are all steps and paths in good condition?

 Are rubbish and wheelie bins cleaned out regularly and are they securely locked and located at least 5 metres away from any building?

 Checked no graffiti or vandalism that needs repair?

 Are trees and shrubs trimmed so that they do not present a fire hazard or give access to upper levels or roofs of buildings?

 Are all louvre windows meshed or barred?

 Adequate working security lighting?

 Are handrails securely anchored?

 When not regularly attended, regular inspections?

 Securely locked when not attended?


List any defects, who will fix them, and the time for completion.

Please understand that this checklist is intended as a guide only and should not be used in any other context, or as a replacement for tailored financial advice.