Checklist – Contractors/ Contractors All Risk Insurance

Is there a system in place to confirm that all Contractors have Public Liability insurance with a sum insured that exceeds the value of a total loss?

Are all “Hot Work” activities such as use of blow torches/welding/grinding etc controlled using a “Hot Work” permit system?

Is there a list of approved contractors?

Contractors All Risk Insurance

The MDBI master policy has a contract works extension that has insurance up to a limit (refer policy schedule) available for works programmes agreed with the insurers. Extension details.

Please note that this insurance is not available for structural work such as strengthening, new builds and building moves.

The insurance can be applied for by providing AIB with a building contract or scope of works document at least two weeks in advance of the projects commencement.

A separate policy will need to be arranged for projects that can’t be insured via the extension.


List any defects, who will fix them, and the time for completion.

Please understand that this checklist is intended as a guide only and should not be used in any other context, or as a replacement for tailored financial advice.